Medical Gas Inspections

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Annual Inspections

Medical gas systems should be tested on a periodic and/or annual basis as per NFPA guidelines. This includes testing of all positive pressure medical gas pipelines, as well as waste gas and any medical or surgical vacuum suction piping. Regular testing of the medical gas pipeline system and its supporting components helps ensure the safety and reliability of each individual system and the overall medical gas pipeline system. The NFPA 99 code also states that all medical gas outlets, valves, alarm panels and source equipment shall be inspected and tested on an annual basis. All labeling must also be inspected on an annual basis to ensure they meet NFPA 99 standards. These testing and inspection guidelines help ensure the longevity and safety of your medical gas system as well as its supporting elements. If you need information on how to install medical gas visit our installation page.

  • Bulk systems must be inspected on an annual basis to ensure the system meets the requirements for sufficient capacity.

Central supply systems for nonflammable medical gases must adhere to the following:

  1. Must be inspected on an annual basis.
  2. Must be maintained by a certified representative.
  3. Records of the annual inspections must be available upon request for the overseeing regulatory authorities.

Medical Gas Inspectors

At MGI, we have a team of expert medical gas inspectors that will be able to conduct annual inspections of your medical gas system and provide a comprehensive report with their findings for your records. Our medical gas inspectors have their ASSE medical gas certifications and many years of experience in the medical gas industry.

Medical Gas Inspectors are highly trained, certified professionals that inspect medical gas pipeline systems and any supporting systems and/or components. These individuals follow NFPA 99 standards and are diligent in their inspections of medical gas systems. Each Medical Gas Inspector must have an ASSE Medical Gas Inspector 6020 certification in order to perform a medical gas inspection.

  • All inspections must be conducted by a medical gas professional with an ASSE 6020 Inspector Certification or an ASSE 6030 Verifier Certification.

Additional Medical Gas Inspection Information

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