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Annual Medical Gas Inspections

MGI is a Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, specializing in providing medical gas services to VA facilities nationwide. Please view our SAM profile to learn more. 

To meet NFPA requirements, facilities using medical gases must conduct annual medical gas inspections. These annual inspections are important and help ensure patient life safety and system function. Facilities that do not have and updated inspection report should consult with an inspector before treating patients.

Although annual inspections are required by the NFPA, periodic inspections and maintenance are recommended. This is especially true in patient areas rated as Category 1 or Category 2. System failures in areas identified as Category 1 could result in major injury or death. System failures in Category 2 areas could lead to ‘minor’ injuries.

‘Inspections’ should not be confused with ‘Verifications’ or ‘Certifications’. Medical gas verifications are different, and are performed after a new system is installed. See the medical gas verification page for more information.

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Medical Gas Inspection Services Checklist:

  • Medical gas outlet testing
  • Medical gas alarm testing
  • Medical gas zone valve testing
  • Medical gas manifold testing
  • Medical air compressor testing
  • Medical vacuum pump testing
  • Medical gas cylinder testing

Inspection Costs

The cost of inspection services depends on the size of the facility. Estimates are provided based on the number of components that are tested during the inspection. Facilities with only a few patient rooms can expect to pay between $2000-$4000 for an inspection. A facility with many outlets, alarms, and zone valves will vary in price. 


How to Get Better Pricing

To get the best price on inspection services, inquire about a multi-year contract. These contracts come with 2 and 3 year agreements and are discounted at 10% per year.

Medical Gas Inspectors

Medical Gas Inspectors are technicians that are licensed to inspect medical gas systems. The job of an inspector is to ensure NFPA code compliance and system safety. All Inspectors are required to have an ASSE 6020 Inspectors license in order to perform a medical gas inspection. 

The tests that inspectors perform are required annually by the NFPA 99 and are meant to ensure patient life safety. Inspections are required in facilities that are administering their patients with medical grade gases.

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For quotes and information on medical gas inspection services, Call 844-339-1110

  • All inspections must be conducted by a medical gas professional with an ASSE 6020 Inspector Certification or an ASSE 6030 Verifier Certification.

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