Medical Gas Installation

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MGI Installation Services

MGI is Veteran Owned medical gas installation and services company.  Our designs and installations are industry standard and designed to meet the most recent NFPA 99 Medical Gas Installation CodesTo speak with a medical gas installer about your project, contact us at the number above, or fill out the call back form and we’ll call you back. 

Our Services Include:

  • Sourcing Equipment and Materials
  • Medical Gas Piping Installation
  • Medical Compressor Installation
  • Medical Vacuum Installation
  • Medical Alarm Panel Installation
  • Manifold, Outlet, and Zone Valve Installation

Our Process:

Beginning with blueprints and system specs, our installers will review all documentation for code compliance, efficiency, and patient life safety concerns. If you do not have plans, we can engineer plans for you. Once the engineering and take-off process is completed we begin sourcing your equipment, working with 12 different manufacturers to bring you the best wholesale pricing and lead times available. Once the pricing and delivery of equipment has been established and approved, our superintendent will develop a site plan that lays out timelines and benchmarks for completion. Using this site plan we can work with you on scheduling details, such as start dates, completion dates, and shut downs. 

Note: All medical gas installations will need to be verified by a third party medical gas verifier, in some cases we can arrange for this, but it will ultimately be the responsibility of the facility director to arrange the verification.

Facility directors will be responsible for arranging the delivery of NF Nitrogen. Without this NF Nitrous Installers cannot properly install medical gas piping.

Medical Gas Installers

Professional installation is critical when it comes to patient life safety and minimizing risk. A medical gas installer is an industry professional who has been trained and certified in installing medical gas piping systems. Our team of medical gas installers are all ASSE 6010 certified and have in-depth knowledge of the NFPA 99 medical gas installation standards. Your assigned med gas installer will be able to help guide you throughout the installation process and will value engineer your project to ensure best pricing and code compliance

“Any medical gas plumber involved in the installation of medical gas piping systems, piped vacuum systems, and/or supporting components for manifolds, zone valves, alarms, and outlets, must have an ASSE 6010 Installer certificate.”

Medical Gas Piping

Part of a sound medical gas system is making sure the appropriate medical gas piping is utilized. For medical gas systems, this means using Type K or Type L, cleaned and capped copper pipe, which meets the safety standards for oxygen and other positive-pressure medical gases. Type K copper has a thicker/heavier wall than Type L but both are commonly used in medical gas piping and meet NFPA 99 standards for medical gas installations.  Learn more about medical copper tubing here

Another solution for medical gas piping is MediTrac flexible copper pipe, also called corrugated copper piping. MediTrac® is the world’s first corrugated medical gas tubing which allows for flexibility and much faster installations. MediTrac® satisfies 2018 NFPA 99 medical gas installation standards.

NFPA 99 Installs

NFPA 99 Medical gas installations refer to the installation of piped medical gases (oxygen, medical air, N2O, etc.) using medical grade copper piping and medical equipment such as oil-less air compressors, medical alarm panels, and medical gas outlets. All of these types of equipment and piping make up the Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS).

How to Install Med Gas Systems

Medical gas pipeline systems cannot be installed by just anyone, the industry is highly regulated and MGPS should only be installed by licensed ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installers. Due to the critical life-safety nature of these systems, safety should always be your first and foremost priority, and it begins with hiring the right medical gas installation to perform the installation.

Equipment Sourcing

In most cases, a good medical gas installation company will have already secured distribution deals with top rated medical gas equipment manufacturers, and will be able to offer you lower pricing on equipment than your local plumbing or mechanical contractor can offer, these savings can be in the tens of thousands of dollars if you go with a company that specializes in medical gas. Top rated medical gas equipment manufacturers include: Amico, Ohio Medical, Beacon Madaes, Powerex, Tri-tech, EMSE, Precision Medical, Western Medica, Superior Products, and Bay-corp. These companies provide 90% of the equipment seen in the medical gas market, and while some newer manufacturers may offer competitive pricing, it’s our recommendation to go with the tried and true. If pricing is a priority, work with an installer that focuses only on medical gas, these companies get much deeper discounts from manufacturers because they do a much higher volume of work than local plumbers and mechanical contractors, they will be able to extend these discounts to you. MGI is a MGPHO registered member.

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