Medical Gas Maintenance

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MGI is a Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, specializing in providing medical gas services to VA facilities nationwide. Please view our SAM profile to learn more. 

Maintaining your medical gas pipeline system and any support elements is essential as it will maximize the system’s operating capacity and overall longevity. Having regular maintenance checks on your medical gas system will also ensure patient life safety and reduce the risk of a system failure. Some of the items that should be on regular maintenance schedules include:

  • Medical Gas System/Pipeline
  • WAGD System
  • Source Subsystems
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Area Alarm Panels and Alarms
  • Area Valve Service Units
  • Control Valves
  • Outlets 

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Medical Gas System Maintenance

As per NFPA 99 code requirements, medical gas systems must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure system integrity and functionality. Any medical gas system, vacuum system, waste anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD) system, or medical support gas systems should be regularly maintained.

    • Facilities with installed medical gas, vacuum, waste anesthetic gas disposal, and/or medical support gas systems should develop and document periodic maintenance programs for the systems and any subcomponents.

Med Gas Maintenance Technicians

Medical gas system maintenance will need to be performed by a trained and certified technician. MGI’s team of medical gas maintenance technicians are all Medical Gas Verifier 6030 and/or Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel 6040 certified and well-versed in medical gas equipment and NFPA 99 code standards. A custom maintenance report with our findings will also be provided for your records. Please see our medical gas installation page for information on installations.

    • Individuals maintaining the system need to be qualified to perform the maintenance operations must meet at least one of the following qualifications:
      • Have completed a training program approved by the facility for which the individual is employed by or contracted to work with specific equipment as installed in the facility
      • Have an ASSE 6040 Maintenance certification and be technically competent on the specific equipment installed within the facility
      • Have an ASSE 6030 Verifier certification and be technically competent on the specific equipment installed within the facility

Additional Information on med gas Maintenance Services

For more information on our med gas maintenance services, give us a call at 844-339-1110

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