Medical Gas Verification

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Medical gas verification is an important part to finalizing your medical gas installation and ensuring patient life safety.  This process helps determine if  the medical gas system has been installed to NFPA 99 code standards and whether or not it is safe to use. Without a system verification on file, the med gas system cannot be used.

    • Verifications shall be conducted after the system installation and installation related tests have been completed by the installing contractor.

Medical Gas System Verification

As per the NFPA 99 requirements, verifications must be done by a company or individual other than the contractor hired to do the installation. Additionally, a verification will also need to be done whenever there is a repair and/or cut-in to the downstream pipeline to ensure the system is safe and ready for patient use.

    • Verification testing is to be conducted by a party other than the installation contractor.

Below are some of the various tests that will be conducted by the medical gas verifier:

  • Standing Pressure Test
  • Cross-Connection Test
  • Alarms Test
  • Piping Purge Test
  • Piping Particulates Test

Medical Gas Verification Technicians

MGI’s team of medical gas verifiers have their ASSE Medical Gas Verifier 6030 certification and are knowledgeable in NFPA 99 code standards related to med gas system verification. The NFPA 99 code specifies that a medical gas system must be verified by a certified professional before patient use. Ensuring your system is verified by an ASSE 6030 certified verifier is an essential part of patient life safety as these are trained professionals with years of experience in the field.

    • Verification testing is to be conducted by a competent and experienced medical gas professional with a valid ASSE 6030 verifiers certification. 

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