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Oxygen Regulators & Flowmeters

MGI is currently working with hospitals and distributors all across India to deliver medical oxygen products to support Covid-19 efforts.

MGI currently has large quantities of  Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Flowmeters, and Oxygen Tanks in stock.

Information on Oxygen Regulators and Flowmeters

For Covid-19 patient treatment, YOU WILL NEED an ‘Oxygen Regulator’ that allows you to adjust the flow of oxygen going to the patient, OR you will need an ‘Oxygen Regulator’ with an ‘Oxygen Flowmeter’ attached to it. Both of these options will work to treat Covid patients and we have both of these options in stock in large quantities.

0-15 LPM (Liters Per Minute) is the most common type of Oxygen Flowmeter available. When ordering large quantities of Flowmeters or Regulators this will be the BEST option for your facility.

Before ordering an Oxygen Regulator, you will need to know the ‘Fitting Size’ of your oxygen tank. If you already own oxygen tanks, we will need the type of fitting BS-341, or “British Bull Nose”, is very common in India. Fitting adapters are available for American regulators and BS-341 Oxygen Cylinders.

Instructions for Ordering Oxygen Regulators and Flowmeters

To place an order request, please fill out the form below, or call us at +1844-339-1110. We are available 24/7 for quotes in India.

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