Medical Gas Flowmeters

About Medical Gas Flowmeters

Medical gas flowmeters are special medical devices used to measure and monitor the flow rate of a medical gas being used whether its oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide. These are commonly found in a variety of medical facilities such as hospitals, surgery centers, and dental offices. The most common medical flowmeters used in the field are for oxygen, medical air, and dental. The medical gas being used is measured in liters per minute (LPM) on the flowmeter. 

Types Flowmeters

There are two types of medical gas flowmeters available thorpe style and dial style. Each style measures the gas being used but differs in how the flow rate, or LPM, reading is displayed. 

  • Thorpe Style – displays the medical gas LPM reading on a glass tube. You can adjust the flow rate by turning the dial located on the front of the flowmeter. 
  • Dial Style – the desired LPM for the gas being used is adjusted manually, there is no glass tube, only a small window that shows the selected flow rate. The LPM can be adjusted by turning the top of the flowmeter until the desired flow rate/LPM reading is displayed.

These flowmeter types are also available for special applications such as neonatal and cryogenic. 

Common Applications

When it comes to industry applications, the most common medical gas flowmeters used are for oxygen, medial air, and dental. 

  • Oxygen – come in both thorpe and dial style. The most common oxygen flow range is 0-15 LPM for adult patients. Green as per NFPA color code.
  • Medical Air – available in either thorpe or dial style, 0-15 LPM is the most popular flow range. Yellow as per NFPA color code.
  • Dental – can have an analog or digital display. Measures the flow of both oxygen and nitrous oxide for conscious sedation procedures. Flow range for oxygen is 3-10 LPM and nitrous oxide flow range is 0-7 LPM. 

Choosing a Flowmeter

Choose from a wide selection of oxygen, medical gas, and dental flowmeters from various manufacturers. We carry medical flowmeters for all gas types and all standards (NFPA, CSA, and ISO). Special applications available include neonatal, cryogenic, and dental.

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