Dental Flowmeters

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Dental Flowmeters

About Dental Flowmeters

What are dental flowmeters?

Dental flowmeters are medical devices used to safely control the flow rate of oxygen (O2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) being administered to a patient during a conscious sedation procedure. These devices are critical to patient life safety during dental procedures and are found in most dental facilities. 

How do they work?

All dental flowmeters work by allowing the medical professional the ability to safely regulate the flow of oxygen and nitrous oxide being administered to a patient. They are commonly used during conscious sedation procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions or minor oral surgery.  By adjusting the flow rates of both gases, the healthcare professional can ensure the patient is safely sedated while still receiving adequate oxygen during the procedure. The most common oxygen flow rates for adult patients ranges from 3-10 LPM and 0-7 LPM for nitrous oxide. 

What options are available?

All dental flow meters allow for independent flow control of both oxygen and nitrous oxide and are available with either analog or digital controls. You can select your flow meter based on flow range and brand. There are also various mounting options available such as wall mount, undermount, countertop, and portable dental flowmeters. The Belmed 5000 PC-7 Head has the ability to be mounted using various wall mounts such as a telescoping wall arm or swivel arm, and can also become portable when mounted on to a mobile stand. One of the most common portable dental flowmeter units is the Belmed F300 Portable Unit with Yoke Block which comes with all the necessary components for a fully mobile dental flowmeter system.

Trusted Brands

The most popular and reputable manufacturers for dental flow meters include Belmed, Accutron, and Porter. Most manufacturers provide a standard 2 year warranty on their dental flowmeters. 

More Information

For more information visit our dental flowmeters page. You can also visit the following pages if you’re in need of single gas oxygen flowmeters or medical air flowmeters.

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