Medical Oxygen Flow Meters

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Medical Oxygen Flow Meters

Choosing a Medical Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen Flow Meter Connection Types

Medical oxygen flow meters come in 5 common wall-outlet connection types:

  • ⅛ NPTF
  • DISS
  • Chemetron
  • Ohmeda
  • Puritan Bennett

Other less common wall-outlet connection types include:

  • ¼ MNPT
  • ¼ NPTF
  • DISS Male
  • Oxequip
  • MedStar
  • Schrader
Note: These connections plug into medical gas wall outlets, if you need a flow meter that connects to a regulator, please see the Western M1-540-15fm page.

Oxygen Flow Rates (LPM)

Liters Per Minute (LPM) and CC’s are used to measure oxygen flow rates. The most common oxygen flow rates for medical use are as follows:

  • 0-8 LPM
  • 0-15 LPM
  • 0-70 LPM

Low-Flow Oxygen Flow meters:

Pediatric and Neonatal oxygen flow meters have lower LPM ratings. Around 3.5 LPM for Pediatric and 200cc for neonatal. Pulse Oximetry can be used to find actual blood oxygen levels.

Medical Oxygen Flow meter Types

Medical oxygen flow meters come in two common styles; Thorpe Style and Dial Style

Thorpe Style:

Thorpe style is the most popular style of flowmeter. Thorpe’s make use of a clear tube LPM meter to gauge flow. With dial style flowmeters you lose the ability to see flow rates through the clear tube. Dial flowmeters rely on the dial reading that you’ve set using a click-dial. 

Dial Style:

Dial flowmeters are more simple in design, and lack the clear tube seen on Thorpe style flowmeters. Dial style flowmeters are a more durable and compact unit. They allow for use in tight spaces such as head walls, surgical booms/pendants, and nooks. 

Flowmeter Add-ons

Flowmeter add-ons include; Humidifiers, Y-Blocks, and “Christmas Tree” nipples.

Flowmeter Humidifiers:

Medical oxygen is dry when stored in oxygen tanks. Humidifiers are used to humidify the air after passing through the flowmeter. This creates a more natural breathing experience for patients.

Flowmeter Y-Block:

Flowmeter Y-Blocks allow for 2 flowmeters to connect to 1 outlet. They can be used with an oxygen or medical air flowmeter

How to Use an Oxygen Flowmeter

Oxygen Therapy is the most common application for an oxygen flowmeter.

Thorpe Style Use:

Thorpe flow meters come with a clear tube that has LPM indicators visible in the tube. A little ball moves up and down through the clear tube and aligns with the displayed LPM rates to achieve your desired LPM. 

Dial Flowmeter Use:

Dial flow meters are much more simple. Once connected to the wall outlet or regulator, turn the dial to your desired flow range, and you’re all set.

Oxygen Flowmeter Brands

Quality is important when choosing an oxygen flow meter. A good supplier will provide a 3-5 year warranty on their flow meters and a return policy. Quality brands Include Amico and Western Medical.

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