Belmed Dental Manifolds

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About Dental Manifolds

A dental manifold, also known as a nitrous manifold, is a medical gas device that delivers a consistent gas supply to the facility at a constant pressure rate. The manifolds used in dental facilities are able to monitor both oxygen (O2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as part of the gas system used for conscious sedation procedures. Manifolds also monitor the pressure left in the gas cylinders and will switch over to back-up tanks when needed. This changeover allows for an uninterrupted gas supply. The manifold is typically connected to a wall alarm or desk alarm that will alert the facility when there is a low gas pressure reading. This alert will let the facility know if it’s time to switch over to new, full tanks or schedule a gas delivery. 

Types of Dental Manifolds

There are two types of dental manifolds available: automatic and manual. The main difference lies in how the system switches over from the primary tanks to the back-up tanks. Nitrous manifolds can accommodate up to four G/H size cylinders (two primary and two back-up). 

  • Automatic – will automatically changeover to back-up tank(s) when gas pressure is low for either oxygen or nitrous oxide. Has an easy to read, digital LED display. No manual reset required when new cylinders are connected. 
  • Manual – requires someone to manually change the system over to the back-up gas tank(s) when the primary oxygen or nitrous tanks are empty. A pressure gauge (analog) displays the gas pressure and may not be as easy to read.

The Belmed dental manifold you select will depend on your facility and how you want the system to function. Both types of Belmed manifolds come with either a wall alarm or a desk alarm option. There are manifold systems that come with the pre-install kit included. You can add a zone valve shut-off kit if needed. Another factor to consider is cost. Manual manifolds are less expensive than automatic manifolds, so if cost is a factor then this will be important to take into consideration. 

We also have medical oxygen manifolds or nitrous oxide manifolds that supply and monitor each gas separately. These manifolds are more common in hospitals or surgical facilities.

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