Medical Oxygen Manifolds

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About Medical Oxygen Manifolds

Medical oxygen manifolds are an important part of the medical gas delivery system at any facility. An oxygen manifold is used to provide the facility with a consistent flow of oxygen at a constant pressure rate. Most importantly, this ensures there is always a steady gas supply and that the pressure is safe for patient use. Additionally, oxygen manifolds have built-in regulators. These regulators monitor the supply line pressure and the amount of pressure left in the cylinders. The manifold is also connected to a wall alarm or desk alarm. The alarm alerts the facility when there is a low gas pressure reading. This alert will let the facility know if it’s time to hook up new cylinders to the manifold or if the system needs to be checked for a leak.

How do they work?

First, the gas cylinders/tanks connect to a header bar assembly. The header bar assembly then hooks up to the manifold. The manifold’s regulators adjust the gas pressure coming from the cylinders to a safe level before the gas gets piped through out the facility. From there, the manifold monitors the gas pressure being supplied to the gas line, as well as the pressure left inside the “in-use” cylinder. Once the “in-use” tank is empty, the manifold switches over to the “reserve” tank. This changeover ensures the facility has a reliable supply of gas at all times.

As the system uses gas, the manifold will alternate between the left and right bank as it cycles through the connected cylinders. Most manifold systems are able to cycle between 2 cylinders all the way up to 20 cylinders. The LED light will indicate if the cylinder connected to the bank is “in-use”, “reserve”, or “empty”

When there is a low pressure reading, the connected medical gas alarm will go off. This alert will let the facility know if the cylinders are empty and need to be changed out. If the cylinders are not empty, then the facility may have a gas leak somewhere down the pipeline. A medical gas professional will need to be contacted to help locate the gas leak. 

Types of Oxygen Manifolds

There are a few types of manifolds available for different facility applications. Below is a breakdown of the types of oxygen manifolds available:

  • Automatic Digital Manifold – automatically changes over to the reserve cylinder when the in-use cylinder is empty. This will not create a fluctuation in the gas line pressure. The pressure readings for left bank, right bank, and supply are displayed digitally and are easy to read. There is no manual reset needed when hooking up new cylinders.
  • Automatic Analog Manifold – automatically changes over to the reserve oxygen tank when the in-use oxygen tank is empty. This does not cause any fluctuations in the gas line pressure. No manual reset needed when connecting new cylinders. The pressure readings for left bank, right bank, and supply are displayed on pressure gauges (analog).
  • Semi Automatic Manifold – switches over from in-use tank to reserve tank automatically.  Requires a manual reset when changing out cylinders. Pressure readings for the left bank, right bank, and supply line are displayed on gauges (analog). 
  • Semi Automatic Simplex Manifold has a very simple design. The header bar assembly is included, along with a regulator at the end to monitor pressure readings. Often used as a reserve manifold. 
  • NEMA-4 – this manifold comes with a special housing rated for outdoor use. The manifold can be either automatic, digital or automatic, analog and work the same way.

Amico’s medical oxygen manifolds are reliable, durable, and comply with NFPA 99 code standards. We also carry Amico manifolds for nitrous oxide, medical air, and carbon dioxide

For more information on your selected oxygen manifold, click the “Specifications” tab and you will be directed to the manufacturer’s product spec sheet. 

Additional Information

Looking for an oxygen and nitrous oxide combo manifold? Visit our Dental Manifold page for more information. 

Need help or have questions about an Amico Medical Oxygen Manifold? Give us a call at 844-339-1110. You can also fill out the Contact Us Form and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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