Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlets

About Medical Gas Outlets

What are they used for?

Medical Gas Outlets can be used for a variety of different medical applications and are available for many different gases and connection types. They are typically used in surgical and dental applications. A medical outlet is specially designed for the quick connection of flowmeters and medical gas hoses. Outlets are color coded by gas type to meet the NFPA requirements for specific medical gases.

Note: Most manufacturers do not provide images of their outlets with each color coding, so you may only see green (oxygen) outlets in the product images, but that’s okay, just make sure your filtering options are set to the appropriate gas type and your order will process correctly.

Special Applications

Outlets are available for special applications as well, such as MRI, and can also come with dual outlet variations. Dual outlets allow for the use of two flowmeter attachments per outlet, for use in situations where capacity is an issue or you just want to be more efficient. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is a good example of where a dual outlet application is very useful.

Mounting Options

Medical gas outlets are available for a wide range of mounting options. Some of the more popular mountings include wall outlets, ceiling outlets, and console outlets. Retrofit outlets are also available in the event your facility would like to upgrade their existing outlets for better efficiency and dependability. 

How to select the right outlet?

When selecting a medical outlet, it is important to know your gas type, mounting application, and connection type. The most common connection type is usually DISS, but we also carry Chemtron, Puritan Bennett, Ohmeda and Passive Evacuation connection types. We also have both NFPA and CSA/ISO standard outlets so it is important to choose the appropriate standard for your needs. With this information, you’ll be able to filter through our selection of medical gas outlets to find the correct product for your facility. 

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