Medical Regulators


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Medical Regulators

Types of Western Medical Regulators

Western regulators come in 3 broad categories; Flow Control or Adjustable Pressure Regulators, Pressure Regulators, and Pressure Regulator & Flowmeter Combos. Depending on your use case, you may find that a regulator and flowmeter combo is more economical than purchasing a regulator and flowmeter separately, or that a regulator with adjustable flow offers you more control over your oxygen needs.

CGA Fitting Types

Make sure that you know what inlet and outlet connections you need. Inlet connections are measured using the CGA standard, which is based on the type of gas you’ll be using with the regulator. Common examples include CGA 870 and CGA 540 used for Medical Oxygen Regulators.

Gas Types

Medical Regulators are available in gas types such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and medical gas mixtures for laboratory use. With most regulators containing dual pressure gauge readings, you can measure the remaining levels of gas left in the medical gas cylinder while also measuring the flow rate of gas leaving the tank.

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