Medical Vacuum Pumps

Medical Vacuum Pumps

About Medical Gas Vacuum Pumps

A medical vacuum pump system is specifically designed to suction away the unwanted fluids and gases from a medical or laboratory environment. This system will eliminate the waste fluids and gases, and will ensure medical professionals do not come in contact with harmful byproducts. Applications where medical vacuum pumps are commonly used include surgical procedures such as liposuction, suction of excess blood and fluids from operating rooms, waste anesthesia gas removal (WAGD), as well as the cleaning of specialty medical tubing. Once suctioned off, the waste gets pumped into a collection canister where it will then be safely collected and disposed of. A vacuum pump system should always include a backup pump system that will continue to offer suction should the main unit fail.

Additionally, a vacuum regulator is essential for the pump as it will regulate the amount of suction to avoid over draining the system and prevent any harmful effects that can arise from improper regulation.

More Information

For more information on your selected medical vacuum pump, give us a call at 844-339-1110 or reach out to us through the Contact Us page. You can also view the manufacturer’s spec sheet under the “Specifications” tab for each product.

Visit the product pages above if you’re in need of a medical vacuum pump system. If you need of a vacuum pump installation, visit our medical gas installations page.

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