Belmed F900 Dental Flowmeter Oral Surgery Package

Belmed F900 Dental Flowmeter Oral Surgery Package


The Belmed F900 is similar to the Belmed F300, but is typically only used in facilities where they are performing both IV sedation and Nitrous sedation. If you’re only using nitrous sedation in your facility, see the Belmed F300 Page. The F900 comes with 2 full face masks for oral surgery, a non-rebreathing valve, and the Y selector valve which allows the surgeon to switch between the scavenger circuit and the full face mask delivering 100% oxygen (this is typically only used in situations where the patient is under IV sedation).

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


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About the Belmed F900 Portable Oral Surgery Nitrous Cart

The Belmed F900 Portable Oral Surgery Dental Flowmeter PC-7 With 4 Cylinder Capacity and 4 Cylinder Yoke Block is a great option for dental professionals looking for a mobile oral surgery solution. This unit comes complete with all the elements and components necessary (excluding gas tanks) and is very easy to assemble. The F900 unit comes with the Belmed PC-7 Flowmeter Head, which allows for safe and independent flow rate control of both oxygen and nitrous oxide gas being administered to a patient. The system also comes with the 4 cylinder yoke block that can accommodate two oxygen and two nitrous oxide “E” size cylinders. The unit can also be used with just two cylinders (one oxygen and one nitrous) if needed. We highly recommend using four cylinders for safety purposes in the event one of the tanks runs out during a procedure, the back-up tank is readily available and can be easily opened. You can purchase “E” size cylinders here on our website or they can be leased from your local gas delivery supplier. 

The adult and child full face masks that come with the unit are reusable and can be sterilized between patients following the guidelines from the manufacturer. 

The F900 also comes with a scavenging circuit that can be plugged into your facility’s WAGD or High Flow Suction Outlet to safely eliminate the remaining anesthetic gas from the space. The CDC has documented that prolonged exposure to nitrous oxide gas without the appropriate scavenging methods can lead to serious health issues, therefore it is not recommended to have residual gas left in the air. We suggest you research the effects of long-term exposure to nitrous oxide gas before using nitrous gas in your facility without a proper means of suction or ventilation for the residual gas.

Each unit will also include a nitrous oxide percentage chart from the manufacturer which lists the oxygen LPM and nitrous oxide LPM mixture that can be safely administered to a patient during the procedure. 

What’s included with the Belmed F900 System?

  • N2O/O2 Flowmeter PC-7 Head
  • Tall Mobile Stand
  • “Y” Selector Valve
  • Non-Rebreathing Valve
  • Child Full Face Mask
  • Adult Full Face Mask 
  • Scavenging Circuit
  • Breathing Circuit/Tube (32 inch)
  • 3 Liter Breathing Bag
  • 4 Cylinder Yoke Block to Connect Gas Tanks
  • Two O2 and N2O Gas Hoses (24 inch each)

Belmed F900 Specifications

  • Dimensions – 32in x 22in x 26in
  • Stand Height – 40in- 50in (31in store height)
  • Weight of F900 – 55 LBS
  • Bag and Outlet Diameter – 22mm (approx. 7/8in)
  • Oxygen Flow Range – 3-10 LPM
  • Nitrous Oxide Flow Range – 0-7 LPM
  • Maximum 70% N2O with minimum 30% O2 mix
  • Fail-Safe Type – Proportional
  • DISS Hoses – 2ft (24in)
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Legal Disclaimer: The Belmed PC-7 and PC-7C dental flowmeters shall only be used by dentists, physicians, or other practitioners that are qualified and licensed to use nitrous oxide sedation. The Belmed PC-7 and PC-7C dental flowmeters shall be used in conjunction with a scavenging/vacuum system to remove any free floating nitrous oxide (N2O) gas from the ambient environment, as the CDC has reported that exposure to free-floating nitrous oxide gas can have adverse health effects such as dizziness, coughing, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, and infertility. 

MGI Inc. (authorized dealer) and Belmed Inc. (manufacturer) shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss arising out of the use of the product, whether as a result of a defect in the product or otherwise, if prior to such damage, injury or loss, the product was (1) damaged, misused, or misapplied; (2) repaired, altered or modified by persons other than Belmed, Inc. (3) not installed in strict compliance with applicable codes and ordinances; or (4) not installed by Belmed, Inc. or an authorized Belmed, Inc. dealer.

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